urgency and the act of writing

by Melissa

Here is the beginning of an attempt to live in the open-  to be involved in the important political and economic conversation happening around DEBT.  I am one voice.  I am here in the Philippines for research and discovery.  I am tuned into the Occupy Wall St movement happening in NYC-  a city I love dearly.  I am in support of Occupy Toronto, happening in the city of my birth.  I have prairie roots and Philippine dreams.  I want to make analytical links between all these geographies, connected already in complex ways by instruments of  money, people, ideas, desire…

I feel a sense of urgency about everything-  especially the debt crisis-  this blog is an attempt to write it out, to share this sense of urgency in a way that might contribute to the (good) necessary transformations that can come through crisis.  I believe in evolution-  in our capacity as humans to embrace a new sense of risk and a deeper realization of love.


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